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Marketing & Design Services 

We can do a little, or we can do it all!

Mercury Direct understands service. Three generations of experience in advertising and product placement does that.  We know how to use direct mail to find your target audience and reach the clients, customers, or voters you need to convince.  

For more information, email us today. You can also call us at 360.236.1640. We're here to help you.


Your One Stop Advertising & Direct Mail Shop

An old fashioned concept - Service.  

Do you remember when somebody else pumped the gas for you and cleaned your windshield too?   We do.  

At Mercury Direct, we treat every customer just like they did in the good old days!  But we aren't stuck in the past.  We use every modern technique and media available to get maximum return for your advertising dollars.

Our professional marketing staff can put it all together for you, or fill the gaps in your current advertising plan. We do more than just design a brochure, have it printed, and then mailed.  We get to know your market, your product, and your marketing needs.  We can design a plan that matches your specific needs and the advertising media and methods that brings you the results you want. 

And we keep your interest at the center of the plan - we work with you, not around you and we won't sell you more or less than you need to reach your goals!  We know modern marketing and we understand old-fashioned service. 

Call our expert sales and marketing staff at (800) 758-5191 or email us today.

Examples of successful marketing programs we have managed for our clients:
  • We designed an eye-catching direct mail brochure that got our client's message across in 4 seconds, without even opening an envelope or reading the material.

  • We identified and targeted customers for expanding a small niche - boutique personal service business.

  • We developed print and broadcast advertising for a corporate publicity campaign kick-off.

  • We helped a political candidate go from third place in a 3-way race to coming across the finish line in first place, with two weeks to spare.

  • We assisted a client's efforts to receive national recognition and awards for excellence.

  • We managed a direct mail campaign for grass-roots organizing.

  • We helped a controversial political cause get free local and national press in business and trade publications and favorable local editorials. 

  • We developed and managed a comprehensive marketing campaign to promote a South Sound music and arts festival.

  • We created an internet presence for a community-based organization to advertise their services and grow their membership.

If you want Mercury Direct to help you plan, manage or implement a marketing plan that will meet your business needs, call or email us.

Mercury Direct is a ONE STOP SHOP...We can do a little or we can do it all....


Call our expert sales and marketing staff at 800.758.5191 or email us.

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