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We can handle all your direct mail needs.

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Direct mail advertising has proven to be one of the greatest marketing tools available in modern times.  Products, services, and even ideas have a greater impact when you target the message you want to send to your most likely customer.  

We offer you the power and savings of a full service operation, combining conventional mailhouse operations with sophisticated data management capabilities. We can also combine your direct mail with e-mail.

Despite all of the advances of technology, the mail personally touches every person in America at least once a day.  With our data management services, we can help you to identify your likely customers and avoid costly waste of materials and money.

In the commercial world there are a thousand different databases.  They contain different information and are created and maintained on a variety of systems, using dissimilar software. 

If you have a customer list of your own, we can load it into our system. If you wish, we can update your records and merge your list with lists from other sources to create a combined list. We can parse, classify and adapt a variety of databases, convert, mine and combine the data to create a list that identifies the people you need to contact.  

Then we will eliminate the duplicate records, and certify that it meets current postal standards. When your database has completed these steps,  you're ready to contact the people who can help you make a profit - at a fraction of the cost of most other forms of advertising.

Our professional team of direct mail specialists will carefully assess your needs, offer cost-cutting measures, and assure that there are no hidden costs to you. Our reputation for confidentiality, cost-effectiveness, and the accommodation of complex, last-minute jobs makes us a leader in customer service.








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     Mercury Direct is a ONE STOP SHOP...We can do a little or we can do it all....


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